What to Expect During a Session

Animal Communication Session

During the initial session, in person or by phone, I will first connect with your animal and get a sense of who they are and what is most important to them. Then we will go on to talk about what is concerning you. Often, these can be very different things.

I will relay the information I receive from your animal and also help them understand what you want them to know. If it feels as though energy healing sessions will help, I'll let you know and you can decide if you want to pursue that.

Often effects for the communication session are seen right away and more improvements can be seen over time. I've had clients contact me the following day to report improved behavior.

Reiki Healing Session

Me with a Client

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Gniot

For an in-person session, I will come to your home or barn. The initial appointment is one hour. It is not necessary for you to be in the room with us but it is beneficial for all family members to participate in the healing process. I don't discuss your animal in front of them until after the session. It's important not to put them on the spot or make them feel uncomfortable by discussing any issues they may be having.

Long-distance sessions work much the same as an animal communication phone session. We will set up a date and time and I will offer the Reiki energy to your animal. After the session is completed, I will phone you to discuss.

I recommend that you have at least four Reiki sessions before determining if this is the best avenue to take for your animals' healing. Healing always takes place on some level, if your animal wishes it, even if you don't see a change physically.

Please note:

Animal communication and Reiki should not replace regular veterinary care. They are non-medical therapies which complement all other healing methods, including traditional veterinary medicine, and are a valuable component of an integrative approach to healing and health maintenance.