Jimmy, who is suffering from renal failure: After receiving the Reiki Level I & II attunements and multiple sessions with me, his mom shared this: Jimmy has continued to improve throughout the week and even ate a can and a half of fancy feast by himself yesterday! I feel as though he has continued to gain energy throughout the week as well, and now comes sprinting from wherever he is when he hears us going to the bathroom (he loves to sit on our laps...I can't explain it, it's weird and I love it!!). His lab results showed that initially there was about 3% of the kidney functioning and now he is back to 25%. The vet said “it doesn't sound like much but that is close to a miracle and we can work with it!”Andrea G - Wisconsin

Thank you so much again. It was very emotional for me as I'm sure you heard in my voice. She opened her mouth for me to give her her pill like she hasn't done before..I had to pry it open before.....She also went outside and pooped for me too. I feel like it was the most amazing spiritual connection that I have ever had with Zoey and I will cherish this forever. [Follow up] I'm speechless yet. Zoey woke up this morning so happy and she started to eat!!!! She's been eating small meals every couple hours and no more vomiting. She's almost like she's back to her old self again. It's unbelievable. I just thought you should know. I believe in a higher power but this is just wow. I firmly believe that our session helped this happen. I can't thank you enough. I feel like we have a second chance with Zoey! Heidi T - Wisconsin

This is the first time in over 6 years that we did not use any pills and there were no struggles. [For their dog Kaylee who is terrified of thunder/lightning storms] Bob K - Montana

Dear Debora, your sessions with Ragamuffin have solved her problem! Thank you so much. Just a couple of days ago I heard a small meow while she was sleeping, but not any terrified howls any longer. Bless you! Judy P - Wisconsin

It has been several days since I had a Holy Fire Reiki session with Debora Poynter. I feel that because of that session, it has helped me to open a new, more expanded awareness of myself. Words are hard to describe the deep peace & love felt during the session with Debora. There were moments when I felt energetically swept clean with powerful waves of healing energy. What an amazing and wonderful experience. I strongly recommend and encourage anyone to take advantage of this powerful service that Debora offers from her loving giving heart! Jean See - Wisconsin

I need to tell you how absolutely wonderful I felt after our last Reiki session. There was a huge difference between the heaviness and tenseness that I felt when I got to your house and how light and relaxed I felt when I left. Even better, it lasted several days!! I was truly amazed at how great I felt. I remember catching myself smiling several times on the way home because I felt so good! So thank you again so very much and I definitely want to come for more sessions. Nancy J - Wisconsin

Just wanted to update you about my cat Linus. Right after our phone appt. she was still having accidents here and there, so I blocked with stools all the places she would normally pee and changed litters. Unless she's going somewhere I don't know about, she seems to have stopped. I am thrilled to say the least! I also stopped the medication she was on to address the litter box issues and she's like a new cat. More frisky and playful than she's ever been. She also seems to be standing up more to Olive my other cat when Olive chases her. So thank you SO much for your help! VERY much appreciated!!! Kathy K - Wisconsin

I want to tell you your conversation with Pushkin has resulted in a great outcome, even exceeding my expectation. He is a little more accepting of fluid treatments which has reduced my stress in giving it to him. I went online again with a website regarding kidney failure and have found some pure chicken which I can give him as a sprinkle on top of his food and he seems to be eating a little better. It was an amazing experience with you and I am so happy I did it. Thank you, thank you. BC - Wisconsin

We worked with Debora for some of our dog Breezy's issues, and she was a pure joy to work with! She is compassionate, engaging, and operates with high integrity. If anyone is open to the process, Debora's assistance can be life changing for you and your beloved pet! Tiffany G - Wisconsin

As a lifelong animal lover who has always been surrounded by animals of all kinds, the thought of someone being able to communicate with them has always been exciting to me! I first met Debora at a charity event, where she did a session with my recently-adopted rescue dog. The experience was very emotional for all of us (even my boyfriend, the "skeptic") because of my dog's traumatic and abusive past, but it was what happened afterward that really led me to believe in the power of Debora's gifts and the importance of animal communication. My new adoptee who had spent the last few months scared and depressed seemed to blossom overnight into the happy, playful little dog that I always hoped that I could help her to become! In a follow-up with Debora, she explained that my dog just needed to get her history off of her chest and wanted to put it behind her and move on with her life, and she did! I couldn't be more grateful to Debora for helping my little dog do that.

Since then, Debora has helped me out with a variety of situations, including my fractious cat who had been attacking her kitty housemates. Debora came into our house and assigned all of our animals "jobs" or roles around the house, and it really helped my angry cat to feel like she had a purpose. Ever since she has been assigned the role of "security guard", my cat makes her patrol loop around the house over and over until we go to bed at night. Debora also helped with a unique situation involving a missing barn cat. Within days of Debora communicating with her, the beloved cat returned to the barn as if nothing happened and she hadn't been missing for the last month! Debora has also been a huge help integrating a new dog into our home, and helping to make the transition as smooth as possible. I am very grateful for everything that Debora has done for our household! Andrea G - Wisconsin

Like many animal lovers, I consider my pets to be my kids...and I love them to the moon and back. I have solid bonds with each, but sometimes doubt creeps in and I worry that I'm not truly providing what they need or am misunderstanding what they are trying to "tell" me. I was intrigued by animal communication and when I met Debora, I thought it would be interesting to see what she could perceive. My first session was over the phone, and my jaw dropped so many times when she helped my dog truly communicate with me for the first time.

Debora's descriptions of things that my dog was "telling" her was amazingly spot-on, and the other things she interpreted for her made perfect sense. I was so impressed that I later invited Debora into my home to talk with each of my animals, and I could visibly see and feel how connected she was to each during their individual sessions with her. Again, the words that came through Debora not only rang true, but gave our whole family a sense of peace, empowerment and wisdom regarding how we can all move forward together! You do not need to be experiencing behavior problems to find value in a communication session with Debora, as you will learn so much! But if you are having issues, please please please let Debora help you talk to your pet and work through the situation. She is truly a miracle worker! Erin E - Wisconsin

Debora has a wonderful gentle, often humorous way of speaking with animals. She has been VERY helpful regarding a variety of issues and just "things" that my pets wanted me to be aware of. (Recent example: My cat told Debora that he really wanted to travel with us on a long car ride for a vacation we were planning. All the different aspects of the trip were discussed and he is looking forward to an adventure with us!)

NO one on the planet could possibly know what my pets and I have experienced, but Debora was always clearly welcomed and invited to share my pets story. She is truly gifted. I am grateful and blessed for the communication and clarity that has enhanced and deepened my relationship with all of my pets. Jean S - Wisconsin

Deb has offered me great insight into my animals, helping me to understand their needs and wishes better. Since they are indoor cats, I worry that they are bored and unstimulated while I’m at work. It’s tough because I don’t speak cat! But Deb sees what they think and feel to let me know how I can draw closer to them.

Also she has guided me through 2 shamanic journeys for my personal healing, and this has been an incredible awakening for me! The Soul Retrievals are so powerful! What a rush to feel more complete and whole, just from lying on a massage table and letting Deb do all the work! The many personal messages she has brought back for me have been staggeringly accurate and practical for the current stage in my life. This was not merely nice things to hear, nor messages for some future time. These have been key for my moving forward in my life’s purpose and following my true path. I look forward to my next session! Jill H - Wisconsin

Debora has helped me on several occasions when I had concerns about cats in my care and when I got some of my own. She was able to get detailed messages that really helped me to understand what they wanted or needed and it put me at ease. It was interesting to see the different personalities through the readings that Deb did. It is so worthwhile, especially when you are not sure what to do in a situation, to have her speak to your animal and learn about their feelings on the matter. She does a fantastic job. Very talented! Gina P - Wisconsin

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