Connecting with All Life Teleclass Series: Creating the Foundation for Telepathic Communication with Animals

If you yearn to understand your animals on a deeper level, if you look at them and say "If only I could hear what you're thinking", "If only I knew what was wrong so that I could help you", then this class series is for you!  I know that pain and frustration of watching a beloved animal friend suffering and not being able to help because I don't know what's wrong.  And that's why I've developed this foundation series so that you can begin to train yourself to move past your blocks, doubts and fears and open up to the wonderful world of telepathic communication with animals.

"Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible!"  This quote is by the most loved and well known animal communicator - St. Francis of Assisi.  The foundation class series I've created follows in the footsteps of St. Francis's wise advice...

Why do I think building a foundation is so important?  Because when your body and mind are better prepared, you can access your psychic skills more easily.  And I want to emphasize that these are “skills”, not “gifts” that are only bestowed upon the lucky few.  We are all psychic beings; it’s just that some of us have come into this incarnation with more psychic “vehicles” than others.  But we all have the potential to open up to this other aspect of our “beiningness” and I want to show you how.

Remember:  the greater your dedication and commitment, the greater your results!

This series of classes is designed for people who are new to telepathic communication and psychic development, and for those who have been practicing but are not getting the results they want. It’s also for animal enthusiasts who want to deepen their understanding of the natural world.

From the comfort of your own home, you will learn how to create your unique foundation and build rewarding, deep and rich relationships with your animal friends.

The animals, plants and elements are our spiritual brothers and sisters in all ways. They have agreed to come here to help us learn our lessons and, at the same time, follow their own Soul’s journey. Through our interactions and relationships with animals, we grow and evolve our souls in ways that would not be possible without them.

When you embark on this path of awakening, you are, in essence, following a Spiritual Path. You WILL be changed. You will not be able to look at animals, plants, the earth, the Universe and yourself, the same way ever again. When you take the time to reflect on the rich inner landscape of your own soul and the souls of your animals, your outlook on life changes and you begin to see the reality of life behind the veil of illusion. 

These classes will help you prepare yourself for these changes. They will open up your intuition so that you can access the messages not just from your animals, but also from your own Higher Self. The Intuition IS the Higher Self speaking to us. By practicing awareness and staying in the present moment, you increase your ability to hear and follow the messages from your animal friends, your Higher Self, your Guides and Angels, and the All That Is.

I am so grateful to be a part of this growing movement in the consciousness of mankind: The recognition that animals are our spiritual counterparts, not to be dominated and exploited, but to be honored and held in our hearts with thanks and gratitude for their service to us.  I can only express to you in words the ecstatic joy I feel when connecting with animals on a higher level and I want you to experience that joy for yourselves! And they want to communicate with you!

Following the techniques and exercises I give you will prepare your body and mind to be open to higher frequencies, making communication with your animals 2nd nature!

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Connecting with All Life Teleclass I

Connecting with All Life Teleclass II

This second class builds on what we learned in the first and expands even further your awareness of your Intuition, your Higher Self, and your connection to all life.  You will also receive more tools to assist you in this awakening of who you really are so you can more rapidly experience that oneness and communion with your animals friends.

Connecting with All Life Teleclass III

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Watch your email for the recording and handouts. Be sure to add me to your contact list so the email is not blocked.

I’m so confident that you will benefit from this class that if you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your total cost, no questions asked!