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Enjoy your Vacation, Business Trip or other time away without the Guilt!

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Annually, more than 30 million people will kennel their animals in over 9,000 kennels in the US alone. If you’re like me, you dread having to board your dog or cat in a kennel. You worry if they will be alright and if they will be treated well. It can be highly stressful for your animals and for you as well. But if that is your only option…

Learn how to Avoid the Top 3 Worst Mistakes Animal Lovers Make When Boarding their Pet …

Many dogs and cats will be boarded this year and according to a recent Orbitz survey, 33% of travelers feel guilty about leaving their pet behind. Why do people feel so guilty? With kennels at capacity, facilities are going to be stressed and so are their boarders!

Kennel stress is real! Imagine taking a young child to a strange place and leaving them with people they don’t know. It’s the same with your animals. They won’t know what’s going on and will react to the change in environment and be confused.

Why do animals get so stressed when they are boarded?

All of this stress lowers their immune system making them more vulnerable to sickness like stress-induced diarrhea and diseases such as kennel cough. (NOTE: There are many different strains of kennel cough so even if your dog has been vaccinated, there are no guarantees they will not get sick.)

Signs of Kennel Stress in Dogs and Cats

With my Boarding Package I will talk to your animals so they are not confused and afraid when you leave them at the kennel!

I can help your animal stay calm and peaceful, keep their immune system strong, have fun and maybe even make some new friends!

Pet Hotel

You won’t have to worry about them as much while you’re gone because I’ll talk to them before you leave and let them know what’s happening and what to expect. Then I’ll check in with them daily while you’re gone. I’ll see how they’re doing, talk to them about any concerns they are having and answer their questions. I’ll also offer them Reiki healing energy to calm and soothe them.

I’ll help them stay calm and peaceful, keep their immune system strong, have fun and maybe even make some new friends! And best of all, I’ll remind them when YOU are coming home!

So when you come to pick up your animal, they will be thrilled to see you! But not because they were so anxious and desperate that you were never coming back or that you had abandoned them, but because they’ve been expecting you!

I can help your animal feel better about being separated from you, help you worry less about them, and potentially save you money on costly vet bills getting your animal back on track after a stressful boarding stay!

Dear Debora, I just wanted to say Thank You again for checking on Peeka and Odin while we were gone. You went above and beyond for me with the check-ins and then taking the time to text me with the latest updates. This was the first vacation I ever had where I could sit back and relax! With your help, I knew my kids were really doing ok. My Mom and Dad said everyone was calmer and so much better behaved than the last time we left and Peeka was never that good for her fluids — ever. It just shows that you explaining things to them really made a huge difference. I am so appreciative for everything you did! You truly have a special gift and I am glad you use it to help people and pets! I will be recommending you to all my clients who are worried about leaving their pets and going on vacation. Thanks again. Love and Blessings. Jeanna K - Wisconsin

Leaving our dog behind when we go on vacation is always stressful for us. He becomes anxious and I worry about him the entire time we are apart. Having Debora communicate with our dog each day while we were on our most recent vacation really helped to put him at ease and myself as well. Usually when we pick him up he appears to be sad and depressed. It takes a few days for him to relax and realize that he is home safe. Upon picking him up this time he was full of energy and very happy to see us as if he was expecting us to come for him that day. There was no transitional period after arriving home. He also ate all his meals while we were gone which is unusual for him to do when being boarded. Debora's Pet Boarding Communication helped our dog understand he was not being abandoned and that we would be reunited back at home soon. The boarding facility physically took care of him but Debora mentally comforted him. I was able to enjoy our vacation knowing he was being informed and assured each day. Kathy M - Wisconsin

It was like night and day between the first time we boarded our dog and the second time using Debora's boarding package. When we picked him up he was happy to see us and acted perfectly normal vs. the first time where he wouldn't engage with us and was very depressed. Julie M - Wisconsin

To get started, schedule your Free 15 minute Strategy Session with me. I'll answer any questions you have and we'll determine together how to make your animal friend's boarding experience a happy one!

Here is what's Included in your Package (fees based on number of days of boarding):

Package begins at $90 for your 1/2 hour pre and post consultations. Each daily check-in is $25

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