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Animal Communication

True communication between all life forms brings understanding and replaces fear. So many of the problems that exist with our animal companions are due to a lack of understanding on our part of what they need. Outward behavior does not always reflect what is going on inside and it isn't until we stop and truly listen with our hearts that we can hear what they are trying to tell us. Telepathic communication is about opening up to love, not just for our beloved animal companions, but for ourselves as well.

Animal Illness

My Dog Scooter

Much of what is going on inside our animal friends is a reflection of what is happening in our own lives. Are we too busy, too stressed, not eating right or just not doing what makes us happy? You may see these issues reflected in the physical, emotional or mental health of your animal. Animals have a direct connection with their source energy, their spirit. But when they are exposed to the negative emotions of humans, they start to split off from that source, manifesting various issues for themselves.

As you work with your veterinarian and an animal communicator to discover the underlying causes of illness, I also suggest investigating what's going on with you to determine if your animal is trying to tell you something. Animals and nature are our greatest teachers; we just have to recognize the signs!

Behavioral Issues

So many animals end up in shelters every year because of destructive behavior such as urinating in the house, scratching the furniture, chewing on your belongings or incessant barking. A telepathic communicator can help determine the causes for these behaviors and help you to eliminate them.

My dog Cinnamon

However, animals will not always do what we ask of them. They need to have a valid reason for why the behavior is not acceptable to you. Sometimes compromise and a little common sense will go a long way in helping create a harmonious household for all the inhabitants. Is your dog chewing your shoes? Make sure he has his own toys to chew on. Is your cat scratching the furniture? Make sure she has a scratching post that she likes and is tall enough for her to really stretch her body. Try to look at things through your animal's eyes and be reasonable in your requirements of them.

Many animals, especially dogs, suffer from separation anxiety. When you have to leave, it is important to discuss your plans with your animals so they understand that you will be coming home. When you sign up for my mailing list, you will receive a free copy of the document "Comforting Your Animals When You Are Gone" with tips to help your animal cope in your absence.

Communicating with your animal telepathically

Animals know and respond to the intention behind our words and they respond to our emotions. When communicating with them open your heart and your mind and send them all the love that you feel for them. Send admiration and appreciation of their spiritual qualities, their loyalty, their unconditional love for you and their joy of life.

My cat Shylah

When I communicate with an animal I send them as much love as I feel for my own animals as well as gratitude for being allowed to connect with them. I let them know that I am here for them, to be a voice for them so that their thoughts and feelings are heard.

Remember that your animals are always communicating with you. Practice listening with your heart and see what you hear. Even if you think it's your imagination, acknowledge whatever you get and thank them for sharing with you.

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Animal Communication Down on the Farm

Enjoy these pictures from our September 13, 2014 Animal Communication Class!

1st Photo courtesy of John Leski - 2nd and 3rd by Nancy Margis - remainder by Debora Poynter

Group Photo Me and Baby Alpaca Me and Baby Alpaca Nose to Nose Alpacas Alpacas with Baby Goats