About Me

Ever since I was a little girl I have been passionate about animals and wanting to help them. I began studying and practicing animal communication and Reiki in 2005 and it has greatly enhanced my connection to animals, spirit and the natural world. I have helped hundreds of animals overcome their fears, live in harmony with their people and relay the messages they have for their human friends.

Photo by Debora Poynter

My dog Cinnamon

My goal is to help people understand their animals as spiritual beings with their own reasons for being here and their own path in life. It is frustrating for many animal guardians when their animals won't do what they want, but when you begin to understand their thought processes and to see things from their viewpoint, you can very often come to an understanding where all parties are content.

I have spoken to hundreds of animals and a recurring theme is how much they want to help us. Even when we are focusing on behavioral issues, there is often an underlying lesson for their person.

My dog Cinnamon (pictured here) was the catalyst for me remembering how to telepathically communicate with animals. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and after exhausting all possibilities with the veterinarian, I turned to an animal communicator for help. I learned in that session that Cinnamon had been communicating with me and I had actually gotten her messages! I just didn't realize they were coming from her and believed they were my own thoughts. Once I recognized that I was telepathically communicating with animals, that awareness opened me up to deeper communion with them.

That awareness also helps me recognize the important lessons that my animals are teaching me and when I pay attention to them, they show me what is important in life like lying in the sun (or shade depending on your preference), taking the time to stop and smell the flowers, spending time with friends, playing, embracing life with joy, living in the present moment, and most important: loving with an open heart! May I always hear their messages.

Photo by Debora Poynter

My cat Samantha