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Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! When I think about what I am most thankful for, I find at the top of my list are all the opportunities you have given me to help you and your animal friends. Communicating with animals and watching them heal is the greatest gift I could ever receive and I want to share that gift with as many of you as I can. Start Saving Now ...

It is my sincerest wish to help you create a deeper connection with your animal companions and to help them live a happy, healthy life!

Me and Cinnamon

Through telepathic conversations and Reiki energy healing, incredible transformations can take place within your animals and your relationship with them. I have witnessed traumatized animals soften and relax, nightmares end, training issues resolved and bad habits broken once we discover what the underlying causes are. And there is so much more to discover. I often pick up on animals' sense of humor and believe me, some of them are real cards! Is yours one of them?

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2017 – A Year of New Beginnings! And I have just the class for it …

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2017!  Whenever we enter a new year, we think of new year's resolutions and fresh starts.  There is added significance to 2017 because numerologicaly speaking, it really is a year of new beginnings.

In Numerology, 2016 breaks down to 9 (2+0+1+6) and 9 is the number at the end of the series (1-9).  It means endings and completion.  With the closing of 2016, we have ended a 9 year cycle and 2017 ushers in a ‘10’ year, a year of new beginnings. 10 begins anew because it breaks down even further to 1 (1+0=1). The number 10 signifies You (1) and The All That Is (0), the Superconscious working through the Self-Conscious mind.  I believe that this is a time for us to express our Divine nature much more powerfully in our daily lives through our own personalities.

2017 can set the stage for the next 9 years.  So it’s a powerful time to get started following your dreams and creating the best decade of your life ever!

And if you’ve always wanted to learn how to communicate with your animals, have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with them, and open up to your own intuition, this is the year to do it! And I’ve created a series of classes that will help you do all that and more!

Connecting with All Life Teleclass:  Creating the Foundation for Telepathic Communication with Animals

We’re going back to the basics! Why?  Because when your body and mind are better prepared, you can access your psychic skills more easily.  And I want to emphasize that these are “skills”, not “gifts” that are only bestowed upon the lucky few.  We are all psychic beings; it’s just that some of us have come into this incarnation with more psychic “vehicles” than others.  But we all have the potential to open up to this other aspect of our “beiningness” and I want to show you how.  Remember:  the greater your dedication and commitment, the greater your results! Read more ...

"How it is that animals understand things I do not know, but it is certain that they do understand. Perhaps there is a language which is not made of words and everything in the world understands it. Perhaps there is a soul hidden in everything and it can always speak, without even making a sound, to another soul."
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess